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We will advertise vacancies for positions within your own company or when you are recruiting under the name of your client’s company. 

To advertise a vacancy with us, you will need to register a company profile for your client on MyCareer and supply us with their contact details, so we can verify their wishes if necessary. However, your contact details can be used for student communication purposes.

We will prioritise vacancies submitted by an employer over duplicated entries by an agency and if more than one agency submits the same vacancy, we will promote the first submission received unless instructed otherwise by the client.

If you are organising the whole recruitment campaign, this should be verified by your client. Any student ambassadors or brand managers used to raise your client's profile will need to adhere to our guidelines  PDF file icon so that they do not break the University's marketing regulations or annoy their peers.

We reserve the right to use any employer contacts provided by agencies for our marketing purposes. 

Please read our Vacancy handling policy 

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