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Ajibola Ajayi

Ajibola Ajayi

Ajibola is currently working as an electrical engineer with AMEC Group Ltd and this is his career profile.

I wanted to make valuable contributions to the research community in my area of expertise, so decided to undertake a doctorate, which I completed in the direct computation of statistical variations in electromagnetic problems, graduating from the University of Nottingham in July 2008. The opportunity to network with industry-wide experts and the intellectual cross-pollination of concepts and theories proved invaluable.

Now, I work in the oil and gas sector as an electrical engineer. My role entails offering innovative design methodologies to solve client-specific problems. My doctorate helped demonstrate certain key competencies that were required for my work. At the interview phase, it was useful to speak about my PhD research as it allowed me to illustrate my ability to use my initiative and meet key deadlines.

In a professional context, I work in a multinational environment similar to that at the University. My experience working at the Engineering Graduate Centre has given me the confidence to pick up additional responsibilities at work where I currently serve as a sustainability representative. This gives me the opportunity to deliver presentations on a regular basis to top management, keeping them informed on the progress made to keep employees actively engaged in maintaining an auspicious work environment.

If I were to give advice to current researchers considering a career like mine, it would be to research any prospective company beforehand and identify where your skills are relevant. Make sure you tailor your CV to accentuate the attributes required for the role. Also, attend career events to speak to representatives from the company – make the contacts! 



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