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Kenny Masters

I first applied to Unitemps prior to my masters degree to help fund my studies.


Kenny Masters (MSc Environmental Management, graduated 2014

'I've done it all!

But after securing a regular position, I kept accepting more and more just because they proved so rewarding, so varied and just downright enjoyable! I knew the service existed to really help students balance work with their studies to truly get that much-needed experience, which is what drew me towards them. 

The list of jobs I've done includes longer positions such as an
Excel analyst for Seymour Research.

In addition, I've had many short term positions including an open day assistant, housekeeper, events team manager and even a comedy mascot. The latter involved two days of dressing up as Robin Hood and walking round Nottingham Castle - not your average weekend, that's for sure!

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Now is your chance 

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'My work as an excel analyst for secured me the Unitemps External Temp of the Year award' 

Likewise my employer, Seymour research, received the External Assignment of the Year Award. Their work includes social research and consultation services from an office based on Jubilee Campus for a variety of big clients, so my work helped push along some pretty important projects - a level of responsibility looks great on your CV. 

My work as an excel analyst was pretty much how it sounds! Handling datasets with thousands of records, I had to process data in multiple programmes to create graphs, tables and summary information for several reports. 

This work built brilliantly on the skills I had developed during my undergraduate studies including handling large datasets, problem solving, data presentation, plus the use of multiple programmes in conjunction with Microsoft Office packages. To see a real-world use for all those skills.

'Unitemps know me well!'

Since securing my first job with Unitemps, I've spent 11 months enjoying the opportunity to work through the team and even with them at Unitemps Nottingham branch.' 

We're even on a first name basis now! The team have been responsible for giving me these opportunities to more than double the content on my CV, while being helpful without fault and enthusiastic every time I've rung, emailed or swung by their office. They're a truly outstanding, professional  team. 

Make sure your CV is sharp

Without a doubt I would recommend them - I've already sent a few friends their way.

The chances to work are so numerous and so convenient with a person's studies, to pass it by at a time when the job market is so competitive would be a majorly missed opportunity. Even if it's just to make a bit of money one time for that much-needed holiday, the positions are there for the taking. Just make sure your CV is sharp, your covering letter is thought-out and you should be able to start work in no time.  

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