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It's never too early to start planning your career ─ career planning is a process, therefore you shouldn't expect to sort out your future quickly.  Be proactive and start investigating options now.  

You may want to develop some ideas, carry out your research, speak to employers and you may have to rethink if the career doesn't offer you what you want. Give yourself time to explore all your options.


Finding the right work experience

One of the key topics for second year or penultimate students is work experience or work shadowing. Visit our work experience pages to find out more about gaining experience at work, e.g. what counts as work experience, what you will get out of it and  how to find a placement. 

Note any early closing dates ─ some internships have deadlines in the first term, other deadlines roll over into the spring term and beyond.

Start a career that fits with you

Find out about graduate careers

Find out about the career options with your degree

Second year student talking

Listen to second year Martha's career ideas and advice from an employer on her next steps (13 mins)


Student testimonials

A week at NME

 NME did not just give me that valuable experience, but also a key to that mysterious journalistic door that so many people say a first placement can open.

Nottingham Consultancy Challenge

 This is a great way to learn how to apply your skills to a business, and how to work as a consultant. It was also extremely rewarding to contribute to the success of a charity.

A summer at Camp America

 I would definitely recommend going to work on a summer camp in America, especially if you love working with children or have a passion for a particular sport.


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