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Shivam Samani

I needed to improve my employability. I did and secured a graduate job!


by Shivam Samani, Bsc Mathematics and Computer Science, graduated 2014

I wanted to understand what jobs involved

By the start of my second year, I began to see the importance of graduate schemes, and that I had to start improving my employability.

Employers want to see you sell yourself with a plethora of work experience and extracurricular activities - all I had was my teenage work experience and first year marks. 

I wanted to pursue a career in technology and possibly consultancy; so I applied to the University's IT Community Consultancy project to get a better understanding of this type of work. 

Shivram case study

Now is your chance

  • Explore your work experience options. 
  • Find out out about our consultancy challenges.

An insight into IT and consultancy

The project gave me an insight into the world of IT and consultancy and also helped local charities to improve their technical infrastructure. 

We were divided into teams and assigned charities, but weren't thrown straight into client briefings! The Careers team eased us into the process, gave us mentors to guide us and arranged skills workshops to build our skills. We got professional training in skills like teamwork, communication and presenting. 

My team and I then began meeting with our clients, we helped identify their difficulty and then met regularly to showcase different solutions. Throughout the process we met with the other teams and industry professionals to discuss our progress. At the end of the project we gave a presentation on how we helped our clients and how we applied the skills developed through our degrees and the skills workshops. 

Improved my professional skills

Through the sessions and client meetings I greatly improved my professional skills. I became more confident communicating with clients and presenting to large groups of people; I also gained valuable experience in leadership and teamwork. 

I secured a graduate job with BT!

This project helped me to show employers that I am motivated towards improving my employability, that I can work well in a team, that I am responsible enough to work with real clients, and many more competencies. 

This amazing work experience helped me to secure a graduate job with BT!

Don't hesitate to get some work experience

For anyone thinking of applying next year, do not hesitate to apply for work experience and if you're a computer science student, the IT Community Consultancy Project.

This is a great way to learn how to apply your technical skills to a business, and how to work as a consultant. It is also an extremely rewarding contribution to the success of local charities. It's a one-of-a-kind project that not many universities offer. 

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