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Before you go abroad you might want to start thinking about your career options. Career planning takes time, and leaving it to your final year may be a decision you regret ─ this tends to be a busy year in which  students need to focus on their degree. 

  • Explore your careers ideas using the  types of jobs pages
  • Identify the skills you already possess and those you want to develop


Career planning while you are abroad

  • Look for part-time work or work shadowing
  • Keep up-to-date with developments in your field
  • Reflect on the skills gained
  • Keep a diary of your time abroad

When you return to the UK

On return from your year abroad you will face many tight deadlines for applications: 

Use the final year career timetable

Read our Careers Handbook

Further resources

AIFS student guide to study abroad and career development
Practical information on using your time abroad effectively

Make a careers appointment
See a member of our team to help articulate your study abroad experience

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