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Making the most of the Clinical Phase

Medical student examining an X-ray 

During your Clinical Phase there are lots of opportunities to gain and document your experience so that you are ready to make career decisions and ultimately to compile your specialty applications.

Watch our four videos to gain an insight from two F2 doctors, a fourth-year medical student and a consultant about how your Clinical Phase can influence your career thinking and make the most of the experiences  to enhance your prospects.

How your Clinical Phase can influence your career decision

Basil Moss, Alastair Morton and Adil Rashid talk about how their clinical placements uncovered some surprises in terms of their perceptions and their career thinking.

Nick Raine-Fenning advises you to keep an open mind and talk to as many people as possible to refine your interests and explore the career opportunities.

Self awareness and reflection during your Clinical Phase

Our interviewees reflected on their clinical experiences - what they enjoyed, the positives and negatives of a specialism and their own strengths and weaknesses.

Nick emphasises that fact that with only have a few weeks in a specialty, you need to be proactive and think about why you are enjoying it and if not, why.

 The benefits of networking during the Clinical Phase

Basil, Alastair, Adil and Nick talk about the benefits of networking to fully explore a specialty and to build relationships for the future.

They provide some examples about how to approach networking.

Maximise your time and build your CV during the Clinical Phase

Our four participants give a wide range of examples of how you can get involved in additional activities during your clinical experiences to build your CV.

Research the requirements of the specialty and tailor your learning and experiences.



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