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Your career in medicine

Congratulations, you made it into medical school! Your career is now all mapped out for you - isn’t it?

We realise that as a medical student it is not as straight forward as some people would think. You have a number of key decisions to make along the way and finding the right path requires careful thought and planning, as well accessing accurate, up-to-date information and advice.

In this section you will find useful career planning tools, tips and information to help you prepare yourself for a career in medicine and make the right decisions for your future career pathway.

So whether you are wondering how to write a medical CV, trying to find information about working overseas after graduation, or trying to decide which specialty to choose, we've got it covered. 

Career planningPlanning.index15279

Even though you've made the choice to study medicine there are still lots of decisions to be made

Building your careerExperience. index.17661

Activities outside your course can develop your transferable skills and help with future applications


Foundation TrainingFoundation.index.7956

Find out about Foundation Training and how to apply to a Foundation School

Specialty Training (incl. General Practice)GP index

Find out about choosing a specialty, the training programmes, and how and when to apply


Academic medicineAcademic.index.9364

Routes into clinical academic medicine and how to get involved in research during medical school

Taking time outTimeOut.index.10852

When could you take time out, what you need to think about and who to talk to?


Working abroadAbroad.index.11448

Ideas and resources if you're thinking about working, travelling or training abroad

Alternative career choicesAlternative.index.9974dtp

If medicine isn't for you, your degree and skills will open doors to numerous career options


Medical CVs and portfolioCV.index.15790

Advice on when you'll need a CV and what to include in it and in your portfolio

Events and societiesEvents.index.15777

One of the ways to explore your career options is to talk to doctors in the specialties that interest you


Careers guidanceGuidance.index.7354

Helping you to make well-informed, realistic decisions about your future career now and in the future


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