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Direct entry jobs arise from an organisation identifying a particular need for someone to do a real job, rather than joining a general training scheme.

Many organisations do not require large numbers of graduate recruits on an annual basis and do not have money to allocate to expensive marketing and recruitment campaigns so this can be a popular option for employers looking to hire new talent.

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Remember that you don’t have to secure your dream job right away. It was a graduation ceremony that the speaker told us about the ‘ABCD’ of jobs.

First, you get a job, any job. Then a better job. Then a career and finally your dream job.

This put into perspective how every experience is worthwhile. 

Hayley Johnson, MSci Biology


Direct entry jobs: Fact file

What is direct entry?

  • Often single vacancies with immediate starts
  • Advertised by companies needing an employee to fit a particular role or need

Who offers them?

  • Companies of any size and sector
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) recruit significant numbers of graduates. These firms make up 99% of all UK private sector businesses
  • In some sectors SMEs dominate and so direct entry is the route in. For example within public relations, digital marketing and the environmental sector

How can postgraduate students demonstrate their specialist skills?

  • Convince the employer that you can ‘hit the ground running’ utilising the additional confidence, experience and independent research skills gained through postgraduate study
  • For those with one or two years of work experience prior to their postgraduate studies, articulate the additional knowledge and skill-set gained from your course

When and how I can apply?

  • Apply after the spring vacation so you could start after your exams
  • The recruitment process is likely to include a CV or application form and an interview

For help and advice when applying for direct entry roles head to our Making applications pages where you can find information on CVs, covering letters, application forms and more. 


Where do I find vacancies? 


What is a fair graduate salary?

The Pay Index has developed a completely new tool to answer the pressing questions about salaries on most students’ minds:

  • What salary could I earn with my degree?
  • What will be my actual pay after deductions?
  • How will my salary vary across different roles and industries?
  • How much could I earn with a masters or PhD?

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