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Two people smiling with copy How much could you earn?

Explore the salary you may be earning on graduation and much more!

The Pay Index has developed a completely new tool to answer the pressing questions about salaries on most students’ minds:

  • What salary could I earn with my degree?
  • What will be my actual pay after deductions?
  • How will my salary vary across different roles and industries?
  • How much could I earn with a masters or PhD?
The data captured covers the entire UK so the salary levels quoted do not necessarily match those of the University of Nottingham graduates.

You can access three unique reports to help you understand what you can expect after graduating:

  • My Future: First Job Offer
  • My Future: Career
  • My Future: Head Office

Each report uses the most up-to-date information available from 2,000,000+ data points from surveys completed by executives for the Pay Index to national statistics produced by the UK government.

First Job Offer - starting salaries and take-home pay

In this section, you can find out:

  • the salary range you can expect in your first year and over time based on the subject you are studying and the area of the UK you want to work (see opposite)
  • your monthly take-home pay after paying income tax and National Insurance. Don't forget, there may be other deductions such as student loan repayments and pension contributions
  • compare what you would need to earn in three UK locations to achieve the same standard of living

A graph showing the salary levels for an unknown subject. The median is £26,600


Career -  salary levels by size of company, industry and level of qualification

In this section, you can find out:

  • how the pay changes in your chosen area of work by size of company
  • the differences in salary levels by size of company and the industry (see opposite)
  • the qualification level of people working in various roles, for example human resources

A graph showing that for position in HR, the energy and financial services pay the most and consumer services and education sectors the lowest.


Head Office -  how a head office is structured and salaries around the world

In this section, you can learn about:

  • how organisations are structured
  • how where you are based around the global can impact on your salary level - see opposite

A bar chart showing relative salaries for finance around the world.


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