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Find your scenario

Below we have come up with nine scenarios for the way you may be feeling as you approach winter graduation. Each scenario includes tailored support and resources to help as you plan for life after university. Find your scenario and discover the support you can get.

If you graduated in the summer, we're still here to help you if you're not settled or have questions about your next step. Whatever your situation, you have lifelong support from our team - check out our alumni site.

Where are you with your career plans?

I'm not sure what I want to do next

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The good news: you don't need to have everything figured out yet.

Start by using our resources below to help you identify potential areas of interest then speak to us for advice.

Explore your options


I'm worried about the job market

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The good news: things are returning to normal. More opportunities will become available as the economy opens up.

Below are some things you can be doing now to help keep your career plans moving.

What you can be doing


I want to gain work experience

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The good news: in response to Covid-19 some work placements moved online, and new innovative approaches created.

Develop your career skills and find opportunities below.

Gain experience


I don't know where to look for job opportunities

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The good news: we have gathered a list of national and international jobs boards as well as exclusive vacancies on MyCareer. 

Start with the links below for tips on finding vacancies, networking and understanding the different graduate job options.

Find opportunities


I've been applying but haven't had a job offer

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The good news: we have lots of resources to help you ace the application process from workshops to 30-minute online courses.

Use our resources to practice psychometric tests, view example CVs and brush up your interview technique.

Perfect your approach


I want to carry on my academic studies

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The good news: there is always demand for highly skilled graduates who have specialised to develop their expertise.

Hear from postgraduate students about why they decided to pursue further study and where it is leading them. 

Follow your passion


I want some time out. What will employers think?


The good news: it's a good opportunity to gain experience and work on your skills.

Use our links below to explore ideas about what you could do during a year out and how it could help your future career.

Go at your own pace


I'm worried about getting a job as a postgraduate student

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The good news: your specific skills are sought after by employers.

Understand the unique skills and experience you bring to the role as a postgraduate student.

Articulate your expertise


What can I do next as an international student?


The good news: there are now more options than ever for staying in the UK after graduation to find work.

Follow our links below to find advice and resources to help you secure a job in the UK.

Find your place


Ask us your questions

Ways you can get in touch with us.

  1. Book an appointment or attend a drop-in - both options are offered in-person and online
  2. Ask a question on MyCareer - login with your usual UoN username and password
  3. Email us your query
  4. Private message us on Twitter 

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