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Are you planning to return home to work after gaining your degree from Nottingham?

If so, we can help you make the transition from being a student at Nottingham to starting graduate life back home. Whether you'd like to gain work experience, develop CV-boosting skills, or need practical help with finding opportunities or making job applications, we're here to offer free advice and support.

While you're studying at Nottingham we recommend that you:

  • research the job market in your home country
  • identify and develop the skills and experience valued by local recruiters 
  • create a network of contacts

Find out more about how to do this below.

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Online careers events


International careers webinars

Hear from international employers and alumni about the labour market and tips for pursuing your career back home.

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During your time at Nottingham 

Research the job market

Researching employers and latest developments in your sector and country of interest is a great way to find out about opportunities.

It's also helpful to develop an awareness of local recruitment practices and deadlines to prepare yourself for what's required during the application process.

Where can I find out more about my local job market?

Online resources such as newspapers and professional publications, forums and job boards are a useful way to gain local knowledge from a distance.

Our Working abroad pages provide a list of useful resources by continent including sources of vacancies. They also link to Passport Career, which provides vacancies and job seeking advice covering 200+ countries.

Find out more about finding work in your home country

Develop the skills required by local recruiters

The experience, skills and outlook required by employers can vary from country to country, so it's important to do some careful research into recruiter expectations in your target country. Passport Career is a great place to start.

There are plenty of ways to develop skills and experience while at Nottingham, including:

Explore more ways to gain work experience


Create a network of contacts

Networking can often lead to opportunities. It's worth finding and developing contacts online through professional associations, online forums and social media.

Your family, friends and their contacts at home can be another unexpected source of useful information, so take the time to catch up with people or make new contacts next time you go home.

Before leaving the UK, join the University's Alumni  LinkedIn group and check if the The British Council alumni network is available available in your country.

It may also be worth checking out the University's international associations, groups and contacts listed on the Campaign and Alumni Relations Office site.

Find out more about networking

Presenting your UK education to employers

Many larger employers may be familiar with the UK education system and qualifications, but that won't necessarily be the case everywhere.

It's therefore important to research employers' expectations in case you need to address any preconceptions or clarify your achievements during the application process.

Find country-specific advice about recruitment processes 

Make a CV review appointment with our team

More advice on returning home

Our Careers teams are happy to review your CV and applications, as well as offer advice on interview technique. 

For more advice on preparing to return to your home country after your studies, go to the  UKCISA (UK Council for International Student Affairs) website.


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