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Types of internship and placement


Work experience gives you the skills and experience that will allow you to stand out to potential employers.

There are a range of options available to you, but there will be differences between industries and types of role. The majority of 'structured' placements and internships will be paid, but in some sectors, unpaid internships are more common. Read our paid and unpaid page for more details. 

The term 'internship' and 'placement', can refer to opportunities such as:


Summer or vacation internships

Many companies offer paid summer internships, which last between six and twelve weeks, predominantly targeted at penultimate year students. However, some companies will consider students from other years if they demonstrate the right skills and aptitude.

In some career sectors, companies offer unpaid work experience placements, for example within the advertising and fashion sectors. 

You can also find hundreds of internships using our  sources of vacancies page.

Nottingham Internship Scheme

Through the Nottingham Internship Scheme you can apply for vacation placements with local start-ups and SMEs. Various roles offered through the scheme.

Search vacancies on the Nottingham Internship Scheme

Postgraduate Placements Nottingham

This scheme is open to postgraduate students at the University. There are two types of placement:

  • part-time projects, up to 200 hours, for a period of three to six months
  • full-time three month internships 

Read our blog on What you need to know about  Postgraduate Placements Nottingham

Enhanced Summer Placements Scheme for civil engineers

Industrial sponsorship opportunities (including summer placements) can be applied for from first year onwards. Opportunities are available with: Pick Everard, RPS Newark, Sir Robert McAlpine, Taylor Woodrow, WSP PB.

Download the application form MS Word Icon

Case study - Matt's first-year internship

Photo of Matt Kempa

The best aspect of the internship was the people, I loved the office I worked in and it was truly a pleasure to go there every day and learn.


 - Matt Kempa, second-year Computer Science

Read about Matt's experience on our Careers blog 

On our blog

Read about Charlotte Lambert's week-long placement with Sky.


Industrial placements and placement years

Integrated industrial placements

A number of courses at Nottingham include an integrated industrial year that is a compulsory assessed part of the degree programme.Typically the placement or job role will be aligned to your field of study.

The courses offering these placements include: bioscience, chemistry, computer science, engineering, neuroscience, pharmaceutical science and physics.

You can discuss how to find your placement with your personal tutor, placement coordinator in your school, or a member of our team.

Optional placement year

Students on a course without an integrated compulsory industrial year can opt to undertake a placement at the end of their penultimate year of study. This minimum nine-month placement can be aligned to your degree discipline or it can be in an unrelated field that is more related to an area of career interest.

Undertaking an optional placement year will extend a three-year degree programme to four years (or a four-year degree programme to five years).

If you wish to consider an optional placement year please:

Fill in our expression of interest

If you have questions that are not answered in the PDF documents, email the team.

Funding available

Visit Student Funding

Studentships for science students

If you would like to gain hands-on experience in a research laboratory over the summer, there are a range of academic societies and charities which offer summer studentships.

These projects typically last 6-8 weeks and take place between your second and third year, or your third and fourth if you are on a four-year course.

Some useful places to start your search are:

Work shadowing

Work shadowing involves spending some time, perhaps a day or two, observing someone at work to gain a flavour of their responsibilities and job activities. 

Networking and contacting companies directly will help you identify possible people you could shadow.


Insight days and spring weeks

Insight days and spring weeks can be a great opportunity to find out about the world of work in a sector you are interested in.

Typically for first-year university students who are beginning to think about their career prospects, you will be given the opportunity to spend up to five days at a company's offices to find out about how the industry operates, take part in group tasks and business games. 

These are a great way to make yourself known to recruiters and build a network of contacts. For more information:

Read our blog about insight days

One-off opportunities

You may want to search for an internship yourself, as some companies won't advertise vacancies, but may want a student for a specific project.

Contact companies directly to find out if they can offer you a period of work experience - perhaps a couple of weeks or longer. These work placements are less likely to be structured, but can often offer extremely valuable work experience that you can reference when applying for graduate jobs

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