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During your year out you should make the most of all the opportunities available to you, whilst also keeping track of developments back home to ensure the transition between your time away and landing the job you want afterwards is as smooth and successful as possible.

Your next steps

If you have questions about your plans or job hunting strategies while you are away, talk to a member of our team by phone, email or Skype.

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Reflect on your skills and achievements

  • Keep a record of your skills, responsibilities and achievements - it might be difficult to remember significant details further down the line 
  • Set aside some time to review what you wanted to get out of the experience personally as well as professionally. Assess whether you have met your goals, seek opportunities to fill any gaps and identify additional competencies you have developed
  • Make a list of the contacts you make and keep evidence of the positive feedback you receive
  • Get references while you are there, if appropriate - it might be difficult to locate people you have worked with months later

Keep up to date with the job market

  • Follow the news in your target country and sector; if pertinent, identify what extra knowledge and perspectives your year out gives you on these
  • Use email alert facilities to search and monitor relevant vacancies
  • Make sure you can easily access all the information and documents you will need to deal with job applications while you are away
  • Having your qualifications translated or recognised elsewhere can take time and effort. Doing this while you are away might involve additional planning. Carry out your research and preparations well in advance, including finding somebody in your home country to help you if needed  


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