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A gap year can range from a few weeks to several months but however long you choose to go for, it is crucial to do your research properly before you commit your time and money.

There are lots of organisations offering gap year opportunities - some very well known and others less so. This list of questions will help you to ensure the organisation is legitimate and meets your needs.

Further advice

For further advice on planning, keeping safe and working during your gap year look at:

Great Gap Years


Questions to ask a gap year provider

What is the precise programme cost and what does it cover?

  • What does the money cover exactly? Can this be confirmed in writing?
  • How much of the total figure is a deposit or management fee?
  • When and how do I pay? What means of payment are accepted?
  • If the programme changes or I have to cancel, would I obtain a refund?
  • If I have to raise funds, does the organisation give advice?
  • What is the recommended budget for extras?

How is the programme run and who is responsible?

  • What type of organisation runs the programme (eg. charity, sole trader, private company)?
  • Who will I be reporting to when I am working there?
  • Will there be a local contact available?

What exactly will I be doing?

  • Can I chat to past participants?
  • What will my induction consist of? What training will I get?
  • Will the programme continue after I have left?
  • What will my responsibilities be?

What are the meal and accommodation arrangements?

  • Will I be placed with a local family or with other students?
  • Is there a cost and if so, how much?

What emergency procedures are in place?


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