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Dr Javier Saavedra


Biographical details:

Dr. Saavedra is currently Assistant Professor at the Department of Experimental Psychology in the University of Seville and a member of the Laboratory of Human Activity Research Group. He is also research fellow in the Andalusian Foundation for the Social Integration of Persons with Schizophrenia where he coordinates a research project about prevalence of psychological disorder in the prison population in Andalusia. He participates in different research projects about violence abuse in the domestic context and gender culture. Dr. Saavedra wrote his doctoral thesis about changes in life narratives of patients diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia that live in supported houses (Casas Hogar).

Dr. Saavedra is interested in caring processes in socio-cultural settings, especially discursive and communicational aspects. With regard to the interest in caring processes, he is consultant of the Association for Helping Families of the Chronically Ill in Spain. Amongst other activities as consultant in this association, he leads workshops and groups for professional and lay carers in order to improve caring skills and controlling the stress related to the caring. In addition, to these well-being initiatives, he has provided professional care to mental health patients in supported houses for over 8 years.

Alongside, Javier’s strong interest in discourse, narratives and society he investigates the use of the arts and literature as therapy and as a method to teach practice in mental health. He is member of the Madness and Literature Network (www.madnessandliterature.org ) and will be speaking at the forthcoming International Health Humanities Conference: Madness and Literature hosted at the Institute of Mental Health on 6-8 August 2010.

Programme of Events:

6 July, Mental Health Services in Andalusia (School of Nursing)

12 July, Narratives, Identity Construction and Recovery in Patients with Serious Mental Disorders (Institute of Mental Health)

28 July, Narratives Analysis as Methodology in Mental Health (School of English)


In addition to these events Dr Saavedra will be available for one-to-one consultations with research staff and postgraduates  on 2nd and 3rd August.  His particular interests include:



  • Narrative methodology
  • Narrative in mental health care
  • Auditory hallucinations
  • Schizophrenia
  • Severe and enduring mental illness


If anyone would like to meet with Javier to discuss their own programme of research or share ideas about research methodologies please contact: paul.crawford@nottingham.ac.uk


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