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Dr John Perivolaris

As part of his Highfield Fellowship at the University of Nottingham, the documentary and fine art photographer Dr John Perivolaris is collaborating with 26 Latin American women living in England. Together with them, he is producing twenty-six photographic portraits and twenty-six video interviews. These reflect on the twenty-first century legacy of Latin American women’s contribution to Latin American Independence struggles in the Nineteenth Century. Retratos de Independencia (http://retratosdeindependencia.weebly.com/index.html) follows on from the Gendering Latin American Independence project,  led by Professor Catherine Davies, Head of the School of Modern Languages at the University of Nottingham. Her project is funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) (see http://genderlatam.org.uk/).

Participants are invited to offer their thoughts on the struggles of Latin American women since Independence, role models who have inspired them, the challenges currently faced by women in Latin America and the diaspora, as well as the meaning of independence to them. The setting of each photograph and video interview will be significant, as the project is also concerned with the diversity of the United Kingdom at this moment in time. Dr Perivolaris has asked each participant to choose a location in which to be photographed. This would be somewhere that holds some significance for them as women, Latin Americans, and residents in the UK. 



The photographs and videos produced will be exhibited online and in physical exhibitions in Nottingham, London, and around the United Kingdom. The Highfield Fellowship is enabling Dr Perivolaris to contribute to the further development of the Gendering Latin American Independence project. It will also constitute a further stage in his photographic work related to the fields of Hispanic Studies, migrant identities, postcolonialism, and diaspora.

John Perivolaris is an independent documentary and fine art photographer, curator, writer, researcher, educator, and organiser of photographic events with a background in Hispanic cultural and visual studies. Since 2003 John Perivolaris has worked with migrant communities in Spain, resulting in a growing body of work exploring the migrant experience (www.JohnPerivolarisImages.com). Between 2006 and 2008 he was the chairman of the LOOK07 international photography festival, Manchester. Between 2007 and 2008 Perivolaris led the Image Makers’ Sub-Group of the Making the Connections Network, working in collaboration with Arts Council England, AHRC, and the National Institute of Continuing Education to promote work in the visual arts by migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in the East Midlands (www.makingtheconnections.info). John Perivolaris is currently photographing and writing a project on migrant identities, memory, and the regeneration made possible by the latter (www.leftluggage.org.uk). He has recently been commissioned to undertake a project in 2010 entitled North to North: A Journey in Postcards from Manchester to the Maghreb (www.cornerhouse.org/northtonorth), which will be exhibited at the Cornerhouse Gallery, Manchester, in April-May 2011. 


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