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Britain is fundamental to our understanding of politics.

Traditionally home to the 'Mother of Parliaments', and what was once believed to be the model democracy, Britain now has a political system in which 'trust' and participation is at an all-time low. Long-term social trends, together with events such as the failure to find Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq have encouraged some experts to even talk of a 'crisis' of British democracy.

Whatever the real nature of the problem, if domestically in crisis, Britain's strategic position - most notably its relationship with the US and Europe - means that its political leaders continue to exert a unique influence on world events.

It is the continuing and vital need to better appreciate the changing nature of British politics that has caused members of the School of Politics and International Relations at the University of Nottingham to establish the Centre for British Politics. An inter-disciplinary unit, the centre encourages research that employs a variety of methods. Its members also regularly contribute to the media in Britain and abroad to help promote a better popular understanding of the subject.

Home to a number of experienced academic members within politics and other departments, the Centre offers exciting opportunities for postgraduate study in a supportive environment. Our staff already have an impressive publications record in the field of British politics, furthering the knowedge base among politicians and the public. The centre has offered a varied programme of events, conferences, workshops and other kinds of activities designed to create a lively intellectual setting for its members and reinforce the importance of the subject to wider audiences.

The centre welcomes proposals to cooperate with networks, institutes and other research centres; it also encourages the participation of those who want to work with us, whether as potential students, visiting faculty, or collaborative researchers.

Centre for British Politics 

Centre for British Politics

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