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Fiction and British Politics: Podcasts

A series of Podcasts recorded at the Fiction and British Politics Conference held at the British Academy, London on 11 December, 2009 in association with Parliamentary Affairs and the Political Studies Association. 

Interview: Professor Steven Fielding was interviewed on The Week at Westminster

Behind Closed Doors

Former MP and writer Joe Ashton( Grassroots, Majority of One ) explains why politicians often turn to writing fiction in order to spill the beans on what goes on behind closed doors.

Format: mp4 |25.6 MBytes | 6.16 mins

West Wing to the rescue

Research Fellow - Matthew Bailey - answers a question posed by Hazel Blears. Could a West Wing-styled drama improve the standing of British politicians?

Format: mp4 | 21.1MB | 5:15mins

Truth is stranger than fiction

Academic and director of the Centre for British Politics, Professor Steven Fielding, talks about the fascination with politics by writers and filmmakers.

Format: mp4 | 21.2 MB | 5.14 mins  

On being a true B'Stard

Writer Laurence Marks discusses his political screenwriting with Maurice Gran, and in particular, The New Statesman character Alan B'Stard.

Format: mp4 | 31.2 MB |7.36 mins 

Toryboyz to Little Madam, politics on the stage

Playwright James Graham (Toryboyz, Little Madam) talks about his approach to political fiction and what inspires him.

Format: mp4 | 16.5 MB |4.03 mins

A very British coup indeed

MP and author Chris Mullin talks about his own political fiction and explains why the line between political reality and fiction is much thinner than you'd think.

Formt: mp4 | 18.2 MB | 4.28 mins

Writing the MPs' expenses scandal

Screenwriter Tony Saint talks about an upcoming BBC drama based on the MPs expenses scandal.

Format: mp4, 20.6 MB | 5.02 mins 

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