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Fiction and British Politics: Transcriptions

Why politicians write about politics

Labour politicians Joe Ashton ( Grass Roots ) and Chris Mullin ( A Very British Coup) explained why they had felt it worth their while to write novels about politics, both of which coincidentally depicted the defeat of their principled socialist protagonists.

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Why dramatists write about politics

If money was a consideration, so was the desire to explore political issues through fiction and for new kinds of audiences. Alistair Beaton ( The Trial of Tony Blair ), Maurice Gran ( The New Statesman ), James Graham
( Toryboyz ) and Tony Saint ( Margaret Thatcher. The Long Walk to Finchley ) discussed their motives for writing about politics, indicating that even those working in comedy have their own perspectives and concerns they want to express. political ideas are constructed the possible role played by such fictions in shaping how we see politics is something that clearly requires further exploration.

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