Centre for British Politics

Centre PhD Students

Current students

Esmeralda Bon

Public Opinion on Standards in Public Life: Dynamics, Causes and Consequences

Thomas Eason

Beyond Blair: Governmental Politics, Psychological Biases, and the British Decision to Invade Iraq

Martha Flor Puebla Mora

Higher Education Institutions as instruments of soft power and public diplomacy

Lewis Scott

Interpreting the Online Visual Branding Strategies of British Political Parties, 2010-17

Callum Tindall

Mapping the evolution of populism within contemporary British party politics

Christopher Stafford

Parliament's Reaction to Britain's EU Membership Referendum: Personal Preference vs. Public Opinion

Past students

Chris Burgess

From Chinese pigtails to Blair's devil eyes: the meaning and significance of the British political poster, c 1906-97

David Civil

The Rise of Meritocratic Discourse: Appropriation, Adaptation and Transformation, 1958-2000

Deirdre Duffy

A Foucauldian analysis of youth work

Stuart Fox

The political participation and engagement of young people with British politics

Matthew Francis

Neo-liberalism and British party politics since the 1930s

Alison Gardner

How are Local Public Services Responding to Austerity?

Louise Kettle

Historical learning in British overseas security institutions

Ekaterina Kolpinskaya

Religious Minority Representation in Parliament: Members of Parliament with Jewish and Muslim background in the House of Commons

Aikande Kwayu

The role of religion in British International Development Policies between 1992 and 2007

Frances Ryan

The meaning of equal opportunity

Timothy Smith

How and to what extent, UK members of Parliament build up a personal vote in their districts

Isabel Taylor

Public Opinion on Standards in Public Life

Abeeda Qureshi

How did community cohesion policy in Britain address the needs of Muslim women? A study of policy formulation and implementation (2001-2012)

Fiona Williams

Legislation in the House of Lords, and the interaction with the House of Commons

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