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Call for Papers for New Dawn conference

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Unfortunately this event has been cancelled due to the 2017 general election. Apologies for any inconvenience caused. 


'New Dawn? The 1997 general election', a public conference to be held on June 3rd 2017 at the People's History Museum, Manchester

The general election held on May 1st 1997 was a unique moment in British history. And, if it is now twenty years distant, 1997 remains a live and controversial subject, the consequences of which continue to shape Britain in 2017.

For, not only did the election see a massive collapse in electoral support for the hitherto dominant Conservative party, it also saw a supposedly different kind of Labour party assume office, one that under Tony Blair mapped out a 'Third Way' of doing politics. But, if Blair's New Labour government was elected in hope, and it did most notably launch a variety of initiatives aimed at reducing social exclusion, some see it as failing to reverse inequality, and being responsible for one of the worst foreign policy mistakes and the most disastrous financial disasters of modern times. How fair are such assessments?

To coincide with an exhibition held at the People's History Museum marking the twentieth anniversary of the 1997 election, this conference seeks to understand the causes and consequences of that election. Papers are invited that discuss not just the Labour party, New Labour and Tony Blair but British politics as a whole, as well as where we might fit 1997 into an understanding of broader social, economic and cultural developments.

The intention is to mix conventional academic papers from across the disciplines with the reflections of a variety of contemporary practitioners.

Please send abstracts of no more than 200 words to steven.fielding@nottingham.ac.uk by April 3rd 2017.

Download the call for papers as a pdf

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Posted on Wednesday 8th February 2017

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