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Centre for Concurrent Enterprise

Centre for Concurrent Enterprise

The Centre for Concurrent Enterprise has developed an international reputation in the areas of concurrent engineering, product design management, engineering management, product design and development in the extended supply chain, knowledge management, virtual enterprising, and related disciplines. The Centre has followed an innovative strategy in education and training, not only developing e-learning materials to accompany the practical tools it has developed, but also developing innovative simulation games for human behavioural and process education and training.

The Centre has successfully engaged in several international, multi-disciplinary, industrially applied research projects. Recent examples include: coordinator of CE-NET the research and industry network, linking researchers and practitioners across Europe; investigating issues relating to interoperability for cooperation in new product development for virtual organisations and developing standardised readiness assessment procedures, processes and decision support tools; and identifying and establishing a sustainable contextualisation framework for comparing and contrasting manufacturing supply chain business models and associated IT & C processes between the EU and India.

The Centre founded and organises the International Symposium on Logistics (ISL), which has been held annually since 1993 in Europe, Japan, Australia, India and China. The Centre has co-organised the International Conference on Concurrent Enterprising (ICE) since 1994.


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