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The research focus of the centre for concurrent enterprise may be summarised as follows:
  • Collaboration - Understanding Collaboration in Physical and Virtual product design and development (including different cultural contexts)
  • Readiness Assessment - Methods for evaluating a company's readiness (internal and inter-operability) to enter a virtual enterprise for new product development
  • Knowledge creation process in physical and virtual new product development
  • Manufacturing Supply Chain - Understanding the outsourcer and outsourcee perspective in manufacturing supply chains between Europe-India-China
  • Collaborative Working Environment for Strategic Innovation
  • Etc
The centre has successfully engaged in several international, multi-disciplinary, industrially applied research projects. The diagram below shows the major projects undertaken since 1992. The total value of these projects amounts to 24 million, with Nottingham's share being 2.4 million.

Research Projects

CCE Project Evolution

Projects Website
PACE: Practical Approach to Concurrent Engineering(CE)
CODESCO: Practical Decision Support for CE
COSIGA: Simulation Game for CE
KARE: Knowledge Acquisition for Requirements Engineering  
CEPRA: Practical CE for Aerospace SMEs
Adapt LO: The Learning Organisation - CE for SMEs  
UK Lean Aero: UK Lean Aerospace Initiative  
EPICE: Programme Management for Virtual Enterprises  
CORMA: Knowledge Sharing in the Supply Chain  
EKMF: European Knowledge Management Forum
EuroNIL: European Network for Logistics  
CE-NET: Concurrent Enterprising Network
GEM: Global Education for Manufacturing  
ARICON: Readiness Assessment for Collaborative NPD
USER-MIND: Contextualisation of outsourcing (Europe-India)
RUSMECO: Enhancing SME Collaboration (Europe-Russia)  
LABORANOVA: Collaborative Working Environment for Strategic Innovation
Design SCOREBOARD: Developing a National Design Scoreboard Design Impact
NEX-GEM: Next Generation Manufacturing Supply Chains
Design Performance in Large Companies  
BioPharm 2020: UK-India Bio Pharmaceutical Science Bridge
IMS2020: Supporting Global Research for 2020 Manufacturing Vision
My IU: Mainstreaming Accessibility through Synergistic User Modelling and Adaptability
D-Facto: Designing for ACessibility and emoTiOn
StageIT: Transforming SMEs into successful experience stagers  
Elliot: Experiential Living Lab for the Internet of Things
GaLA: Game and Learning Alliance - Network of Excellence on Serious Gaming

CCE is a member of MiBON Living Lab

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