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Advanced English for Disciplinary Study

Students from contemporary Chinese studies can take this 20-credit bearing module in semesters one and two. There are two 90-minute sessions per week. Work in this module is linked to tasks and assessment in other modules that students undertake.

What you will learn

  • The purposes and functions of English as the language of academic communication
  • Effective strategies to enhance the use of language in the discipline
  • Appropriate forms of language to indicate your critical stance and position
  • How to choose appropriate sources and how to select relevant information
  • How to construct texts to successfully participate in academia 

What you will do

Over the two semesters you will be doing a variety of tasks that you will be expected to include in a portfolio of work. The tasks may include:

  • evaluating source texts for designated academic tasks
  • writing a synthesis of information from sources
  • preparing a presentation on a case study
  • reflecting on language strategies

How you will be assessed

A 1,500-word reflective essay on your individual learning path and achievements based on the evidence provided in the portfolio. A completed portfolio must accompany the submission of the essay.

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