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English Language for Academic Study Level 1

English Language for Academic Study Level 1 is for international students on Study Abroad/Junior Year Abroad courses and Erasmus/Exchange students. To take Level 1 your IELTS score should be between 6.0 and 6.5. The course carries 20 credits. 

What you will learn

  • Skills to research and structure an essay
  • Skills to produce a poster and give an oral presentation 

What you will do

  • Adapt a number of broad themes to your own learning context
  • Read and analyse both written and spoken texts
  • In the first half of the course, work in groups to develop research and discussion skills:
    • Interact in small seminar and project groups
    • Produce a poster presentation and present and discuss a topic from your subject area
    • Use visual aids 
    • Develop strategies to structure and link your talk 
    • Give conclusions and answer questions
  • In the second half of the course, work individually to produce an essay related to your subject area:
    • Construct an argument using appropriate academic vocabulary and grammatical structures
    • Learn how to link points in your argument, and support your argument with evidence
    • Practise summarising and paraphrasing
    • Learn to reference and create a list of references
    • Develop your own academic 'voice'

How you will be assessed

  • Speaking and listening skills: participation in a seminar discussion and delivery of a short (15 mins) individual presentation (40%)
  • Reading and writing skills: a problem-solution written assignment of 1,500 words related to your subject area (60%)

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