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English Language and Law Elective

Visiting students from Dalian University who are enrolled on the 3+1+1 programme in their 4th year undergraduate law degree can take this 15-credit module.

What you will learn

This module develops your written and spoken academic English and study skills and will enable you to cope better with the demands of the undergraduate law programme taught in the School of Law.

What you will do

  • Read and analyse examples of legal documents, notably English judgments in cases
  • Practise using academic language accurately and appropriately
  • Attend four hours of lectures on the core elements of the English legal system (the English court structure, doctrine of precedent and Common law and Equity)
  • Systematically learn and practise the academic writing and research skills you will require when writing assignments
  • Foster an independent and self-reliant approach to academic study
  • Increase your confidence and practise the language skills necessary to work in groups
  • Practise presenting judgements and cases to your peers

How you will be assessed

Assessment is by a piece of secondary research coursework in the form of a 2,000 word extended essay on a topic related to the English legal system.

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