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Introduction to Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Second year students from the School of Modern Languages and Cultures, particularly those who are undertaking a year abroad and plan to do overseas assistantships, or related work placements can take this 20 credit, full year module.

About the module

This module introduces some key principles and practical techniques in the teaching of English as a Foreign Language. It will include workshops, practical teaching sessions, as well as the opportunity to observe CELE classes.

The content can be broken down as follows:

  • Approaches to English Language Teaching (ELT)
  • Focus on vocabulary
  • Focus on language
  • Speaking and communication skills
  • Listening
  • Exploiting resources
  • Electives - such as: pronunciation, teaching young learners, language intensive
  • Peer teaching sessions
  • Reflective practice
  • Feedback on teaching practice
  • Essay writing guidance
  • Assessed teaching practice (assessment)
  • Reflective discussion based on assessed teaching practice

How you will be assessed

  • Preparation, planning, creation of materials and delivery of one short EFL task to a group of volunteer international students. You will work in small groups in this task (40%)
  • 1,500 word essay which critically discusses, analyses and evaluates part(s) of a language learning task in relation to underlying theoretical principles (50%)
  • Reflective discussion: a group feedback discussion to reflect on your own and others' teaching practice (10%)

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