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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the entry requirements for an insessional programme?

You can apply for the insessional classes and consultations if:

  • You are an international or EU student (Socrates/Erasmus and Foundation students are also eligible)
  • You are registered at the University of Nottingham
  • Your first language is not English
  • You have met the University's minimum English language entrance requirements:
    • IELTS: 6.0 (no less than 5.5 in any element) or
    • Assessment on a CELE presessional course which states that you have met the minimum University of Nottingham English language entrance requirements
What would I study?

The language and study skills areas covered are:

  • Academic writing skills
  • Academic reading
  • Listening
  • Grammar and vocabulary
  • Academic and conversational speaking
  • Pronunciation
How many courses can I choose?

In Term 1 (October-December), you can choose three courses. Only one of these can be a six-week Academic Writing Class.

In Term 2 (February-March), you can choose another three courses: there are no restrictions on how many Academic Writing Classes you can choose.

Finally, in Term 3 (April-June), you can choose one course.

The above modules are face-to-face modules, taught in classes. However, you can also access our online modules (through Moodle) and you can book individual consultations.

How do I book onto a course?

You can register for a course, which will involve studying a module in a class by using our online booking system.

Where do the courses take place?

Classes are taught at different locations on our campuses at either University Park, Jubilee or Sutton Bonington.



When does teaching take place?

Classes are taught in modules lasting from three to nine weeks. They take place at lunchtime, in the afternoon or at the end of the normal teaching day (5pm), to allow as many students as possible to fit language support around their academic programme.

Classes are usually one or one and a half hours long and are held on different sites around the University.

Are the modules assessed?

No. Because they are support classes, they are not credit-bearing and they are not assessed.

What if I need individual help with writing or language problems?

You can discuss any language or study skill problem with a CELE tutor by booking a 30-minute consultation.

If writing is your problem, the website allows you to send a section of it (1,000 words maximum) to the tutor, so the tutor can read through it, give you feedback and help you overcome any difficulties with it when you come for the consultation. You need to send the writing 48 hours before your consultation.

Please note that CELE tutors can help you overcome your difficulties, but they do not proofread.

How do I book a consultation?

To book a consultation, please download our How to register for CELE Insessional Consultations guide which will take you through the process.

How do I access online study materials?

The course content for insessional courses is available to everyone, so if you simply wish to have the course information you can do so through Moodle. 

Self-Enrolment for Insessional Modules on Moodle guidance notes are available to assist you with access.

Do I have to pay for insessional academic English support?

No - there is no fee for studying the modules, for booking consultations or for accessing online study materials.





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