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Insessional Academic English Support

While you are studying your degree with us, you can continue to develop your English Language skills in various ways:

  • You can register for a course, which will involve studying a module in a class
  • You can attend a one-to-one consultation

If you have problems with booking a course or consultations, please contact Student Services, or e-mail

Registration for Term 1 Insessional courses will begin at 10am on 30 September. You can familiarise yourself with the booking procedure and look at the timeable.



Our courses are classroom-based modules lasting from three to nine weeks. They take place at lunchtime, in the afternoon or at the end of the normal teaching day (5pm), to allow as many students as possible to fit language support around their academic programme.

Classes are usually one or one and a half hours long, and are held on different sites around the University.

The course content for insessional courses is available to everyone, so if you simply wish to have the course information you can do so through Moodle. Self-enrolment for insessional modules on Moodle guidance notes are available to assist you with access.

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