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Modelling Open Channel Flow

This webpage is for dissemination of the work on the EPSRC project "Modelling of Open Channel Flow to Illustrate the Effects of Channel Shape and Heterogeneous Roughness" GR/R43723/01 and the associated grant at the University of Birmingham GR/R43716/01. The Principal Investigators on the grant were Professor Donald Knight (University of Birmingham), Dr Nigel Wright (University of Nottingham) and Dr Hervé Morvan (University of Nottingham). The Research Associates were Dr Xiaonan Tang and Dr Mandy Crossley.

As part of the project a website was set up at the University of Birmingham containing a large amount of data collected at Birmingham over many years -

Outputs from the project that are available electronically are:

Guidelines for applying commercial CFD software to open channel flow


The following papers have been published or are under review:

The Concept of Roughness in Fluvial Hydraulics and its Formulation in 1-D, 2-D & 3-D Numerical Simulation Models, Hervé Morvan, Donald Knight, Nigel Wright, Xiaonan Tang and Amanda Crossley, Journal of Hydraulic Research, under review.

Applying Commercial CFD Software to Open Channel Flow, Nigel Wright, Xiaonan Tang, Hervé Morvan, Donald Knight and Amanda Crossley, ICE Journal of Water Management, under review.

Tominaga, A. and Knight, D.W., 2004 , Numerical evaluation of secondary flow effects on lateral momentum transfer in overbank flows, River Flow 2004, Proc. 2 nd Int. Conf. on Fluvial Hydraulics, 23-25 June, Napoli, Italy [Eds M. Greco, A. Carravetta & R.D. Morte], Vol. 1, 353-361.

Knight, D.W., Omran, M. & Abril, J.B., 2004 , Boundary conditions between panels in depth-averaged flow models revisited, River Flow 2004, Proc. 2 nd Int. Conf. on Fluvial Hydraulics, 23-25 June, Napoli, Italy [Eds M. Greco, A. Carravetta & R.D. Morte], Vol. 1, 371-380.

Abril, J.B. and Knight, D.W., 2004, Stage-discharge prediction for rivers in flood applying a depth-averaged model, Journal of Hydraulic Research, IAHR , 42, No. 6, 616-629.

Knight, D.W., 2004, Sediment transport in rivers with overbank flow, Keynote lecture, 4 th German-Chinese Workshop on Unsteady Sediment Transport , Sichuan University , Chengdu , October, 1-16. (in press)

Knight, D.W. and Ramsbottom, D.R., 2004, A vision concerning the hydraulics knowledge base required in river engineering and associated research needs, Report to Defra & Environment Agency, Theme Advisory Group on Fluvial, Estuarine and Coastal Flow Processes , 1-34.

Knight D.W., 2005, River flood hydraulics: theoretical issues and stage-discharge relationships, Chapter 17 in River Basin Modelling for Flood Risk Mitigation [Eds DW Knight & A Y Shamseldin], Balkema (in press)

Knight, D.W., Omran, M. & Tang, X., 2005, Modelling depth-averaged velocity and boundary shear in trapezoidal channels with secondary flows, Journal of Hydraulic Engineering , ASCE, (submitted)

Morvan, H.P., Crossley, A.J. and Wright, N.G., 2005, Flood Flow Mechanics in 3D , Joint ASME/ASCE McMAT Conference, Baton Rouge .

Morvan, H.P. and Sanders, B., 2005, Modelling open channel flow with horizontal recirculation zones: Comparison of 2D and 3D models and turbulent closure schemes, Joint ASME ASCE McMAT Conference, Baton Rouge .

Wright, N.G., Crossley, A.J., Morvan, H.P. and Stoesser, T., 2004 , Detailed Validation of CFD for Flows in Straight Channels , in the Proceedings of River Flow 2004, Naples .


A number of lectures have been presented about this work:

3D model validation'- lecture by N.G. Wright at IAHR modelling workshop, Thessaloniki , Greece , 2003;

‘Some problems in modelling overbank flows in flooding rivers: data, concepts, models and calibration issues' - lecture by D.W. Knight to the Institute of Geophysics, The Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, June 2005;

Computational Modelling of Large River Hydraulics' – lecture by N.G. Wright at First Iowa Workshop on Large Rivers , USA , 2003;

‘Modelling overbank flows' – lectures by D.W. Knight at Sichuan University , Chengdu , China , October 2004 & 2005

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