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The School of Chemistry at The University of Nottingham has been involved in science outreach for a number of years, from the spectacular Thunder and Lightning demonstration lectures given by the late Colonel B. D. Shaw, through to the present day with participation in the Royal Society Summer Exhibitions and a variety of high-profile public engagement events.

The creation of the post of Public Awareness Scientist in 2004 was the first of its kind in a UK university, and as a result a number of new outreach activities and collaborations have been added to the list of annual events.

About the Public Awareness Scientist

Dr Samantha Tang was appointed Public Awareness Scientist at the University of Nottingham in July 2004. Her philosophy has been to show how science is actually carried out rather than to convey stark facts. Her projects have included (i) developing and delivering new PE activities outside the university, (ii) organizing a wide range of activities for children within the School of Chemistry, (iii) attracting Nottingham chemistry students and staff into PE activities and providing training in science communication to postgraduates.

Together with colleagues from the School of Chemistry, she appears in the award-winning Periodic Table of Videos,, a series of online videos that aim to promote chemistry to the public.


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