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Chemistry is key to our understanding of the natural world and to the enhancement of our quality of life and the environment. Advances in chemistry provide the understanding that underpins much of modern science; an understanding that contributes directly to our everyday lives, from the food we eat and the medicines we take, to the environment in which we live.

Degrees in chemistry at The University of Nottingham offer the exciting challenge of exploring this science at the molecular level through experiment and theory, together with opportunities to study at the interfaces with other sciences and disciplines either through optional modules or specially structured degree courses.

Our courses

The School of Chemistry offers a range of highly stimulating MSci and BSc degree courses with programmes that engage the enthusiasm of the staff and students for all aspects of chemistry.

The BSc courses provide a strong background in chemical theory and practice and prepare you for entry into a wide variety of careers. If you opt for one of the MSci courses, part of your final year will involve research in the School where you will have the opportunity to work on a project at the cutting-edge of chemistry. Many of our students decide to pursue a career in research as a result of the excitement that they experience during their research project. Transfer from the BSc to the MSci courses can be considered within the first 15 months of study. Our courses also provide opportunities for you to work in industry or to study at a partner university overseas.

You will receive enthusiastic, innovative, high-quality teaching in a first-class learning environment with the most up-to-date laboratories and teaching facilities. Our annual undergraduate intake is typically around 200 students. This number allows us to maintain an important balance: the class size is small enough for us to know all our students as individuals and large enough to allow us to offer a wide range of specialist options, so students can tailor their degrees to their own scientific interests.

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