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Wyn Morgan - Director of Teaching and Learning, University of Nottingham

Interprofessional learning

The Potential of Interprofessional Learning by the Director of Teaching and Learning, University of Nottingham.


I am delighted to be able to offer a few words as a way of introducing the Centre for Interprofessional Education and Learning (CIEL) and I am pleased to offer publically my support for its excellent ongoing work. The University of Nottingham has always been keen to explore innovative and creative ways to stimulate learning for our students and to emphasise the value of applying learning to solve complex problems. Highlighting the fact that there are often multiple ways of viewing a given problem lies at the heart of the ethos that underpins CIEL's work. Within the world of health and social care, medicine and related services, it is vital that all agents are able to work in a collaborative, professional and mutually supportive fashion so that ultimately, the patient gets the best care and service available.

Achieving such a harmonised and consensual outcome is not easy and requires a carefully considered approach that has to be developed and then practised over time.

I believe that the CIEL is offering imaginative and potentially very powerful ways forward in working at the interfaces of the various disciplines and professions working in the field. By providing leadership in this approach, the Centre for Interprofessional Education and Learning potentially offers models for other disciplines across the campuses to explore interactions with cognate yet often unmatched areas of study. The outcome for the University could be richly rewarding and exciting. I hope that the web site provides a strong sense of what is being done but more importantly what opportunities that might arise from wider application of this approach. I wish the CIEL well for its future activities.

Professor Wyn Morgan 2011


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