Centre for Interprofessional Education and Learning

Learning outcomes

The Centre for Interprofessional Education and Learning  is cognisant that individual health and social care curricula will identify learning outcomes. In pursing our defintion and journey of interprofessional learning about, with and from each other we consider the following learning outcomes to be complimnetarty to individual curricula in preparing students for quality collaborative health and social care practice. Students through engagement with interprofessional learning will:

  • Have enhanced understanding of roles and responsibilities of other health and social care professionals,
  • Understand stereotyping and professional prejudices and the impact of these on interprofessional working,
  • Demonstrate a set of knowledge, skills, competencies and attitudes that are common  to all professions and that underpin the delivery of patient/client focused services,
  • Develop teamwork skills and improved knowledge of the nature of multidisciplinary teamwork,.
  • Respect, understand and support the roles of other professionals,
  • Make an effective contribution as an equal member of an interprofessional team,
  • Understand the changing nature of health and social care boundaries,
  • Learn from others in the interprofessional team,
  • Collaborate with other professionals in practice,


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