Centre for Interprofessional Education and Learning

Our strategy

To implement Interprofessional Learning that is "When two or more different professionals, student or qualified learn about, with and  from each other meaningfully to work together in the delivery of quality health and social care" [CIEL 2008]. It is not shared learning or teaching whereby more than one professional group are in the same lecture.

The Centre for Interprofessional Education and Learning represents the professions of; Dietetics; Medicine; Midwifery; Nursing [four branches, undergraduate Masters and Graduate Entry]; Pharmacy; Physiotherapy and Social Work. In addition there is active involvement from representatives of the local NHS Trusts; Health and Social Care Communities and Universities in developing opportunities for interprofessional learning in health and social care placements.

The Centre for Interprofessional Education and Learning adopts the CAIPE [] principles of interprofessional learning to be a process that;

  • Comprises a continuum of learning for education, health, managerial, medical, social care and other professions;
  • Sequences interprofessional learning progressively throughout pre-registration and post-experience studies  
  • Encourages student’ participation in planning, progressing and evaluating their learning; 
  • Reviews policy and practice critically from different perspectives; experience and evidence    Enables the professions to learn with, from and about each other to optimise exchange of experience and expertise; 
  • Deals in difference as it searches for common ground;
  • Showcases different yet mutually reinforcing roles and expertise in collaborative practice grounded in mutual understanding working towards shared objectives  
  • Integrates learning in college and the work place;
  • Synthesises theory and practice;
  • Grounds teaching and learning in evidence;
  • Includes discrete and dedicated interprofessional sequences and placements;
  • Applies consistent assessment criteria and processes for all the participant professions;
  • Carries credit towards professional qualifications;
  • Involves service users and carers in teaching and learning;

The Centre for Interprofessional Education and Learning's aims are to:

  • Develop a strategy for Interprofessional Learning.
  • Provide a forum for representatives of all health and social care professions both clinical and academic. (View the Centre for Interprofessional Education and Learning's minutes)
  • Identify opportunities for students, both undergraduate and post graduate to learn together to enhance values, attitudes, inter-professional understanding, team working and hence improve quality of client/patient care.
  • Plan, implement and evaluate 'pilot' opportunities for interprofessional learning for undergraduate pre-registration health and social care students.
  • Seek opportunities for funding and research.
  • Develop E-learning support and resources.
  • Disseminate experiences and research findings through publications and conference attendance
  • Develop national and international collaboration 


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