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About Us

The Centre is currently co-directed by Dr Doug Lee (Classics) and Prof. Andrew Poulter (Archaeology).  Its members include the following individuals:

Dr Will Bowden
Will Bowden is Lecturer in Roman Archaeology in the Archaeology Department, and has worked on late antique sites in Albania and Jordan.  His publications include Epirus Vetus : The archaeology of a late antique province (2003), (edited with Luke Lavan) Theory and practice in late antique archaeology (2003), (edited with Luke Lavan and Carlos Machado) Recent research on the late antique countryside (2003), and (edited with Richard Hodges and Kosta Lako) Byzantine Butrint: excavations and surveys 1994-1999 (2005).

Emeritus Professor John Drinkwater
John Drinkwater is a specialist on the history of Roman Gaul and the later Roman empire in the west.  His many publications include The Gallic Empire : Separatism and continuity in the north-western provinces of the Roman Empire, A.D. 260-274 (1987), (edited with Hugh Elton) Fifth-century Gaul : A crisis of identity? (1992), and The Alamanni and Rome, 213-496 – Caracalla to Clovis (2007).  He has also recently co-edited a Festschrift in honour of Wolf Liebeschuetz.

Dr Doug Lee
Doug Lee is Associate Professor in the Classics Department.  His research focuses on warfare and international relations in late antiquity, and also late Roman religious life.  His publications include Information and Frontiers: Roman foreign relations in late antiquity (1993), Pagans and Christians in Late Antiquity: A sourcebook (2000), and War in Late Antiquity: A Social History (2007).  He has also contributed chapters to the final two volumes of the new edition of the Cambridge Ancient History.

Emeritus Professor Wolf Liebeschuetz
Wolf Liebeschuetz, a former student of A.H.M. Jones and Arnaldo Momigliano, is a distinguished scholar in the field of late antiquity, as recognised by his election as a Fellow of the British Academy in 1991. His many publications include Barbarians and Bishops: Army, Church and State in the Age of Arcadius and Chrysostom (1990), The Decline and Fall of the Roman City (2001), and Ambrose of Milan: Political Letters and Speeches (2005).

Dr Chris Loveluck
Chris Loveluck is a lecturer in the Archaeology Department, and works on the settlement history of the early medieval period in Britain and northwest Europe.  His publications include editing and contributing to the four volumes publishing the results of excavations at the Anglo-Saxon site of Flixborough (2007-8) and numerous papers in learned journals.

Professor Andrew Poulter
Andrew Poulter is a Professor in the Archaeology Department and has excavated extensively at late Roman sites in Bulgaria.  His publications include editing and contributing to Nicopolis ad Istrum – A Roman, late-Roman, and early-Byzantine city: Excavations 1985-1992 (1995), Nicopolis ad Istrum : a Roman to early Byzantine city (1999), and The Transition to Late Antiquity on the Danube and beyond (2007).