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Research and Publications

War in Late Antiquity: A Social History - Doug Lee Book - Pagans and Christians in late Antiquity - Doug Lee The Decline and Fall of the Roman City the Transition to Late Antiquity
Bright Blades and Red Metal Theory and Practice in Late Antique Archaeology Byzantine Butrint Recent Research on the Late Antique Countryside
The Sixth Century: Production, Distribution and Demand Social and Political Life in Late Antiquity Epirus Vetus: the archaeology of a Late Antique Province The Early Medieval Settlement Remains from Flixborough, Lincolnshire: The Occupation Sequence, AD 600-1000
Doug Lee Nicopolis ad Istrum: A  Roman, Late Roman and Early Byzantine City Nicopolis ad Istrum: A  Roman to Early Byzantine City Nicopolis ad Istrum: A Late Roman and Early Byzantine City