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29th January, 5pm in the Humanities Building, Professor Simon Esmonde Cleary (University of Birmingham), 'Spot the Visigoths; the archaeology of 5th century Gothic settlement (or not) in south-western Gaul and in Spain.'

12th March, 5pm in the Humanities Building, Professor Enrico Zanini (Sienna), 'The Crypta Balbi Museum in Rome: from the excavation to the exhibition.'


Past Seminars


15th October, 5pm in Humanities Building, Professor Geofrrey Greatrex (Ottowa), 'Procopius of Caesarea and the reign of Justinian.'


12th February, 5pm in Humanties Building A3, Dr David Gwynn (Royal Holloway), 'If you enquire whether the bath is ready, the answer is that the Son was made out of nothing: doctrinal controversies and the Late Antique historian.'

20th February, 4.30 Humanities Building, A3, Professor Sabine Ladstatter,' The Austrian Archaeological Institute, Vienna, 'Ephesos in Late Antiquity and Beyond.'

May 1st - Dr Sam Moorhead, The British Museum, 'the collapse of the Romen monetary economy in the Western Roman Empire'


14th November - Dr Adam Rogers, University of Leicester, 'Understanding Towns in Late Roman Britain through the framework of re-sensualisation.'

11th December - Dr Shaun Tougher, University of Cardiff: 'Eunuchs as generals - the case of Narses.'



7th February Professor Gillian Clark, University of Bristol, 'Too late? Late Antquity, the end of empire, and the classical canon'

29th March - Professor Florin Curta, University of Miami, 'the 'Dark Ages': the seventh century in the Balkans.'



12 October – Dr Sam Turner (Newcastle) and Dr Steve Roskams (York): Western Britain and the world of late antiquity – Recent fieldwork at Mothecombe, Devon

30 November – Dr Ine Jacobs (KU Leuven, Belgium): Aesthetic maintenance of civic space – the classical city from the 4th to the 7th century AD

Spring Semester 2011

11 February – Dr Oliver Schmitt (Halle, Germany): Diplomacy as a substitute for declining might? Late Roman and Byzantine foreign policy from the late 3rd to the early 14th century

22 February – Dr Mary Harlow (Birmingham): And I shall wear purple: Roman attitudes to clothing behavior

9 March – Dr Peter Guest (Cardiff): Isca – recent archaeological work on the site of the legionary fortress at Caerleon

Autumn Semester 2010

13 October – Prof. Andrew Poulter (Nottingham): Unearthing a Late Roman Fortress in Bulgaria: new Results from the 2010 Season of Excavation

Spring Semester 2010

2 February – Dr Roger Rees, University of St Andrews: The artful text of Pacatus

2 March – Prof. Peter Heather (King's College, London): Predatory migration and the first millennium

24 March – Prof. Paul Reynolds (Barcelona): The supply networks of the Roman East and West: Interaction, fragmentation and the origins of the Byzantine economy

Autumn Semester 2009

28 October – Dr Gerda von Bulow (Roman/German Commission of the German Archaeological Institute, Frankfurt): The latest results: excavations at Romuliana (Gamzigrad),the palace of Galerius in modern Serbia

18 NovemberProf. James Crow (Edinburgh): Bringing water to the imperial city of Constantinople

2nd March; Professor Peter Heather, King's College, London: Predatory migration and the first millennium

24th March Professor Paul Reynolds, University of Barcelona:

The supply networks of the Roman East and West: Interaction, fragmentation and the origins of the Byzantine economy

Spring Semester 2009

18  February – Dr Clive Bridger (Xanten Regionalmüseum, Germany): Recent research on the Late Roman period in Xanten and the Lower Rhineland

17 March – Dr Caroline Humfress (Birkbeck, London): Bishops and law courts in Late Antiquity: how (not) to make sense of the legal evidence

18 March – Professor Dr. Michaela Konrad (Bamberg): Late Roman and early Byzantine frontier defence in the Roman East: recent fieldwork on Roman fortifications along the Roman limes in Syria

Autumn Semester 2008

15 October – Dr Will Bowden (Nottingham): The Triconch Palace at Butrint and the archaeology of late antique urban housing

26 November – Dr John Casey (London): Saying a good word for the Late Roman army

2 December – Dr Neil McLynn (Oxford):  Augustine’s Black Sheep: the case of Antoninus of Fussala

Spring Semester 2008

6 February – Dr Andy Merrills (Leicester):”The pump don't work ‘cause the Vandals took the handles”: The Vandals in the post-classical imagination

20 February – Dr Neil Christie (Leicester): Wars within the frontiers: Archaeology and civil war in the Late Empire

5 March – Prof. Marco Valenti (Siena): Tuscany between late antiquity and the early middle ages

7 March – Prof. Hugh Elton (Trent University, Canada): The Christianization of Isauria

23 April – Prof. Marc Waelkens (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven): Sagalassos from proto-urban settlement to mid-Byzantine kastron. Twenty years of holistic archaeology at Sagalassos and on its territory (SW Turkey)

Autumn Semester 2007

17 October – Dr Joanita Vroom (Sheffield): The archaeology of late antique and early Byzantine dining habits in the eastern Mediterranean

21 November – Prof. Raymond Brulet (Louvain): The character of urbanism in late Roman Gaul

5 December – Dr Dionysios Stathakopoulos (King’s College London): The plague in stone

Spring Semester 2007

25 April – Prof. John Vanderspoel (Calgary): The early life of Julian the Apostate 

3 May – Prof. Joachim Henning (Frankfurt): From Constantinople to Pliska and Nitra: Archaeology and the spread of Byzantine culture in the 9th century







We are intending to organize a symposium on the Late Roman army. The theme is yet to be published so, if you are interested in attending and would like to suggest a topic and present a topic, do get in touch.



Research seminar on 'recent excavations at Gortyn, the Roman capital of Crete' will be held in the Humanities Building at 11AM, 12th February. The symposiarch is Professor Enrico Zanini. All are welcome to attend this informal meeting.


Are you interested in undertaking an MA by Research or a PhD on an historical and/or archaeological topic within the late Roman or early Byzantine period? If so, contact either Doug Lee or Andrew Poulter for further information.