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Claire Burdfield

PhD in Film and Television Studies, Faculty of Arts


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PhD (full-time) - currently registered

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The Accidental Audience Research Summary My PhD examines the relationship between the film and television industry and what I term the 'accidental audience.' This project develops from my MRes, which examines the accidental adult audience for children's cartoon programming and the re-appropriation of children's culture for and by an adult audience. This engages with Jay Blulmer's claim that 'children actually form the minority of their own programming's audience.' My PhD deepens these concerns, exploring the way that accidental audiences develop, and how they offer both opportunity and threat to the managed selling of media brands. While this intersects with scholarship on fan culture (Gray & Sandvoss (2007), Hills (2002), Jenkins (2006)), my focus is on the dynamic relation between studios/networks and accidental audiences, and how media industries negotiate and navigate unexpected audience constituencies. In critical terms, the project brings together research on the use of demographics by the television industry, specifically how programmes and audiences are branded by producers, with fan studies' concerns with the re-appropriation of television texts. Research Interests Audience Research Industrial Research Children's Media Textual Reappropriation Research Supervisors Dr Paul Grainge Dr Elizabeth Evans Primary Funding Source AHRC Additional Information Workshop Director at MayFest 2013/2014

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