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Widening Participation – Language Event

Three students visited a local academy in Derby this week to try to encourage uptake of languages at GCSE level.  Bethany Bradley-Dunbar (Year 4 Modern Languages and Cultures), Chloe Schlitter (Year2 Modern Languages and Cultures) and Sam Osborn (Postgraduate student of Modern Languages and Cultures) delivered an inspiring presentation and Sam led a Russian taster lesson in front of 160 Year 9 pupils. The feedback below from the Academy shows clearly a successful visit!

‘Based on pupils' feedback and their positive engagement on Tuesday, the event was a great success.  I am feeling positive that the event hopefully will have a great impact on pupils when deciding their options this week and help boost the currently low numbers in languages. Thank you again to you and all the team at Nottingham University.’

Posted on Wednesday 21st March 2018

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