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Yang Lu

Assistant Professor of Chinese Language, Faculty of Arts



Before Yang joined the University of Nottingham, she was a Lecturer in Chinese Studies in the University of Reading and taught Mandarin Chinese in the London School of Economics and Political Sciences. Since 1994 Yang has been teaching Mandarin Chinese at all levels, Translation between Chinese and English, Chinese Ancient History and Chinese Culture. Now, she also supervises PhD students in Chinese language studies related to contemporary China; L2 acquisition, pedagogy and assessment in Chinese.

Yang has published with Routledge an edited book of recent research on teaching and learning Chinese in higher education and has been a peer-reviewer for two major academic journals in applied linguistics studies. She is an external trainer for British Council's Chinese Assistant programme. Yang is also a Senior Fellow of Higher Education Academy, U.K. and deputy-chair of the British Chinese Language Teaching Society from 2012 to 2016.

Yang has a BA in English Language and Literature. Her MA and PhD degrees were obtained from the University of Reading., UK and studied the impact of teaching methodologies on second language acquisition and the relationship between the discourse features in learners' spoken language and their overall speaking proficiency.

Expertise Summary

a. language assessment of L2 Chinese and English competence

b. discourse analysis of Chinese and English spoken and written texts

c. pedagogy for teaching Chinese as a foreign/second language

d. second language acquisition in Chinese and English

e. cultural and social studies for contemporary China

Teaching Summary

Yang currently teaches Mandarin Chinese degree modules, inter-faculty modules and translation between English and Chinese.

Research Summary

1. Discourse analysis of Chinese written and spoken texts for Chinese Studies

2. Relationship between learners' L2 acquisition in Chinese and their graphemic/orthorgraphi competence

2. Theoretical issues and methodologies for assessing L2 competencies in Chinese

3. Relationship between learners' perceptions of learning difficulties and their L2 acquisition in L2 Chinese

4. Impact on learners' performance by inductive and deductive teaching of pedagogic Chinese grammar

5. Socio-linguistic studies of the Chinese language

6. Modified T-unit as measures for accuracy and compexity of Chinese interlanguage


Forthcoming: Assessing Learner Competence in L2 Chinese. Abingdon: Routledge.

Edited Book:

Teaching and Learning Mandarin Chinese in Higher Education: Theoretical and Practical Issues. Abingdon: Routledge.

Book Chapters:

Lu, Y. (2017) 'Exploring the Criterion-Validity of HSK Levels 3 and 4: Are Assessments and CEFR Standards Related? In: Y. Lu (ed.) Teaching and Learning Mandarin Chinese in Higher Education: Theoretical and Practical Issues.. Abingdon: Routledge.

Lu, Y. & L. Y. Song (2017) European Benchmarking Chinese Language: Defining the Competences in the Written Language. In: Y. Lu (ed.) Teaching and Learning Mandarin Chinese in Higher Education: Theoretical and Practical Issues. Abingdon: Routledge.

Lu, Y. ( 2014). A Hybrid of Inductive and Deductive Approach for teaching Chinese Grammar: the analytic approach. In: M.J. Xing and L. M. Li (eds.), Developing Pedagogies for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language in Higher Education. Applied Chinese language Studies V. London: Cypress Book Co. (UK) Ltd.

Lu, Y. (2010). Chinese EFL Learners' Discoursal Performance in Cambridge ESOL FCE Speaking Test: Culture-specific or Test-driven? In: L. Y. Chen and A. Curtis (eds.), Language Assessment for Chinese Learners. London: Taylor and Francis Group.

Lu, Y. (1997). New Perspectives on Grammar Teaching and SLA. In: J. G. Chong & X. L. Dong (eds.), Theory and Practice for Chinese Tertiary Education.

Lu, Y. (1996). Fuzziness in English Language and their Roles in Oral Communication, In: Q. Zong et all (Eds.), Shandong Tertiary Education, Vol. 1.

Journal Articles:

O'Sullivan, B. & Y. Lu, (2006). The Impact on Candidate Language of Examiner Deviation from a Set Interlocutor Frame in the IELTS Speaking Test. IELTS Research Report Volume 6, British Council and IDP: IELTS Australia.

Lu, Y. (2005). A Validation Study of the ECCE NNS and NS Examiners' Conversational Styles from a Discourse Analytic Perspective. Spaan Fellow Working Papers in Second or Foreign Language Assessment. Vol. 3 2005. English Language Institute, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, U.S.A.

Lu, Y. (2003). Insights into the FCE Speaking Test, Research Notes 11, Cambridge, University of Cambridge, ESOL Examinations.

Lu, Y. (1996). Developments and Applications of Birmingham School Discourse Analysis. Foreign Languages Research, 4/96.

Lu, Y. (1996) Characteristics of Learner's Discourse Revealed by Spoken Discourse Analysis Method, Journal of Foreign Languages, 5/96.

Lu, Y. (1995 ). Interlanguage Pragmatics in Learner's Spoken Discourse, Foreign Language Teaching, 3/95.


Lu, Y. (2009). Unit 5 in 第一步Beginners Chinese, collaborated with Dept. of Languages FELS, Open University, U.K.

Past Research

1. Relationship between learners' spoken discourse features and their overall oral proficiency in English

2. Oral examiner's conversational styles and deviation from scripts and the impacts on test-takers' performance

3. Analytic approach for teaching beginners Chinese grammar and its impacts on their performance in summative assessment

4. A hybrid of inductive and deductive approach for teaching Chinese grammar to learners at threshold levels

5. Generality and specificity in teaching and assessing business Chinese

6. Criterion-related validity of standardised proficiency test of Chinese

7. Benchmarking for L2 competence in Chinese

8. validity and reliability of indirect methods for assessing oral proficiency in L2 Chinese

9. teaching pedagogic Chinese grammar and methodologies

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