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Alberto P. Marti

Teaching Affiliate & Honorary Research Fellow,


Research Summary

From October 2008 I am enjoying an indefinite 'sabbatical' in my (former) professional career in the IT (FLOSS) sector. I moved to the UK in 2009 to study towards a BSc degree in Archaeology at the… read more

Current Research

From October 2008 I am enjoying an indefinite 'sabbatical' in my (former) professional career in the IT (FLOSS) sector. I moved to the UK in 2009 to study towards a BSc degree in Archaeology at the University of Leicester. In my undergraduate dissertation I analysed how archaeologists are taking part in the exhumation of mass graves from the Spanish Civil War whilst interacting with historians, forensic anthropologists, the press and the victims' relatives in a highly politicised environment. In 2012 I finished a Master's degree in Contemporary History at the University of Valencia (including an academic stay of four months at the University of Zaragoza). My MA dissertation addressed the use and development of the so-called military 'trochas', a series of fortified lines and blockhouses that were used by the Spanish in their fight against the Cuban insurgents in the mid-late 19th century.

Current Status

- Teaching Affiliate (SPLAS)

- Honorary Postdoctoral Research Fellow (CLAS)

- Resident Tutor (Willoughby Hall)

Research Topic

An archaeology of counter-insurgency: exploring the materiality and memory of Cuban reconcentration camps (1895-1898)

Research Summary

My doctoral project has been focused on 'reconcentración', a devastating counter-insurgency strategy put into practice by the Spanish colonial authorities in late c19th during the Cuban War of Independence and usually identified as the context in which the modern concept of concentration camp emerged. My main objective was to obtain enough empirical information to improve significantly our understanding about how these measures were really implemented on the ground (in terms of their material dimension) and how they reconfigured spatially the landscape at the different scales in which that mass internment operated. This research has explored in detail which, when and how settlements in the region of Pinar del Río (western Cuba) were either militarised and transformed into reconcentration camps (in the case of the already existing villages), or directly designed and created from scratch with that specific function in mind. This was achieved by confirming the existence and location of the possible remains of former military activities and physical changes on the landscape. I expect this work to be the first step towards an eventual definition and recognition of a new formal category of concentration camp with its own logics, aesthetics, and military, political and economic particularities.

Research Interests

Archaeology of Internment, Memory and materiality, Conflict Archaeology, Archaeology of the Spanish Civil War, Military Architecture, Colonial Cuba, Spanish Colonial Archaeology, Guerrilla Warfare, Concentration Camps, Insurgency/Counterinsurgency.

Research Supervisors

- Prof. Antoni Kapcia (Principal) - Department of Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies

- Dr Chris King (Subsidiary) - Department of Archaeology

Teaching Summary

Department of Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies [2016-17]:

- Spanish 1 (R41105)

- Spanish 1 for Beginners (R41102)

- Spanish 2 for Beginners (R42105)

- Spanish 3 (R43103)

- Introduction to the History of Modern Latin America (R41121)

Primary Funding Source

- Vice-Chancellor's Scholarship for Research Excellence (European Union)

Grants & Awards

- Royal Historical Society Research Expenses Grant

- Society for Post-Medieval Archaeology Research Grant

- Society for Latin American Studies PG Conference Grant

- Society for Latin American Studies Harold Blakemore Prize 2017

- Universitas 21 Prize Scholarship

- Graduate School Travel Prize

- Centre for Research on Cuba Travel Bursary

- 2 x School of Cultures, Languages and Area Studies PG Research Fund

- Andrew Hendry Postgraduate Scholarship (Tri-Campus Award)

Research Institutes, Centres and/or Research Clusters Memberships

- Centre for Research on Cuba

- International Consortium for the Study of Post-Conflict Societies

- Research Priority Area in Rights & Justice


Academic History

- PhD (DocEuro) Modern Languages and Cultures [2017] - University of Nottingham

- MA Contemporary History [2012] - Universitat de València

- BSc Archaeology [2011] (with First Class Honours) - University of Leicester

- CertHE Archaeology [2009] (with Distinction) - University of Leicester

- DipHE Computer Engineering [2005] - Universitat de València

Academic Visits

- School for Heritage and Memory Studies, Universiteit van Amsterdam [Spring 2014]

- Departamento de Historia Moderna y Contemporánea, Universidad de Zaragoza [Spring 2012]

In the Media

- Researching Cuban independence has taught me what matters in life [The Guardian, 25/04/16]

- El rastro más visible de la Reconcentración es la propia ciudad [Habana Radio, 16/02/15]

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