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Isabel Story

PhD in Hispanic and Latin American Studies, Faculty of Arts


Research Summary

Research Topic Soviet influence on Cuban cultural institutions, 1961-1985.

Research Summary Soviet influence on Cuban cultural institutions, 1961-1985. Research Summary My research investigates the extent of influence of Soviet cultural ideas, experiences and models on the shaping of a Cuban revolutionary culture in the period 1960-85. Seeking to go beyond the tendency towards stereotypical readings of an apparently 'Sovietised' culture in Cuba (especially in the 1971-6 quinquenio gris), it aims to build on recent work on Cuban cultural history and, working within the growing literature on inter-cultural exchange and cultural transfer and new historicism's concerns with the structures of power, principally focuses on: (a) the study of key Cuban cultural institutions (through documents and interviews with key players from the period), and (b) detailed examination of key films, books, and other cultural output. It builds on recent research to seek new approaches to understanding Cuban cultural output and the role of the artist in revolutionary Cuba and how Soviet influences affecting this may have manifested and evolved as Cuba's political climate and outlook towards the Soviet Union changed.

Research Interests Latin American history (20th and 21st century), Soviet aesthetics, Russian politics, Russian-Cuban relations, cultural history, Latin American literature.

Research Supervisors Professor Antoni Kapcia Dr Polly McMichael

Primary Funding Source/s The School of Culture, Languages and Area Studies Studentship

Research Institutes, Centres and/or Research Clusters Memberships Centre for Research on Cuba

Teaching Experience: Spanish-English translation, Visual Culture/visual communication, Spanish and Spanish American literature.

Other Studies: MPhil in Russian Studies (Cambridge University) BA Joint Honours in Spanish and Russian (University of Nottingham)

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