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Emily Brady

PGR Student, Faculty of Arts


Research Summary

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MPhil (full-time) - currently registered

Research Topic

African American Women Photographers and Image Makers 1840-1930

Research Summary

My thesis offers the first in-depth discussion of African-American women photographers in the nineteenth and early twentieth century. Combining photographic analysis within a contextual historical framework, I analyse how the women who defied the double jeopardy of racism and sexism utilised various networks and exploited various power dynamics in order to achieve a degree of artistic freedom. Focussing on figures such as Florestine Collins, Elnora Teal, and Winifred Hall Allen, I shed light on a previously neglected area of women's history, African-American history, and photographic history. These figures have gone unrecognised within these strands of scholarship, and by emphasising the intersectionality of their careers within these three frameworks, I seek to reconceptualise our understanding of the significance of early African-American women's photography. This comes at a moment in which increasing attention is paid to the role of visual culture, most significantly photography, in African-American history and culture, yet the scope is hugely limited to men. Through original archival research and in-depth photographic analysis, my Masters project makes vocal the silences surrounding the pioneers of early African American women's photography.

Research Interests

African-American Visual Culture; Women's History; African-American History; Photographic History; U.S. Slavery

Research Supervisors

Prof Zoe Trodd

Prof Robin Vandome

Primary Funding Source/s

M3C Masters Scholarship

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