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Gianlluca Simi

PhD in Critical Theory and Cultural Studies, Faculty of Arts


Research Summary

What does it mean to live by border?

Drawing on my fieldwork in the twin cities of Chuy and Chuí, in the borderlands between Brazil and Uruguay, I try to understand the everyday processes by which local residents assign meaning to the boundary line.

I am particularly interested in the everyday resistance to the border in the sense that the border effect of segregating people, separating them into two and, to a certain degree, opposing spaces does not manage to contain interaction between both sides. The border is never fully efficient in deterring flows, especially in the case of Chuí-Chuy, where the two are so indisputably connected and interdependent. Nonetheless, the uses of the border go beyond resistance and can also include compliance. That is, if, on the one hand, the everyday in the borderlands leads to a fundamental critique of the omnipotence of division, on the other, however, the line can be conveniently used to reinstate distance and hierarchy in some situations. Here, the question is arguably about the friction between the border as a strategy and as tactics. In other words: when and why is the border assertively present or permissively absent?

Research Interests

  • Border Studies and Border Theory
  • Cultural Studies
  • Semiotics
  • Every Life Studies
  • Urban Studies

Research Supervisors

Dr Colin Wright

Dr Jane-Marie Collins

Primary Funding Source

CAPES Foundation

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