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José M. Blázquez

PhD in Film and Television Studies, Faculty of Arts



José M. Blázquez is a PhD researcher at the Department of Culture, Film and Media at The University of Nottingham (UK). He has been working as Assistant Professor at the University of Valladolid (Spain), Visiting Lecturer at the University of Salamanca (Spain) and the University of Granada (Spain), Visiting Professor at the University of Copenhagen (Denmark) and the University of Carl Von Ossietzky in Oldenburg (Germany), and Visiting Scholar at SUNY Binghamton (USA). He is also an award-winning media practitioner with experience in directing, producing and writing for advertisement, films, documentaries, transmedia productions and so forth.

Research Title:

'Collaborative Media Cultures: Cooperative Fan Production in the Digital Age'.


Prof. Roberta Pearson

Dr. Elizabeth Evans

Research Interests:

Co-creation, collaborative virtual communities, transmedia storytelling, modding, adaptations, networking, social media, media production and circulation, fandom, and peer-to-peer production.


Conference Papers:

"Fan Culture: Transforming Realities". ICA 2013 Pre-conference on Transmedia Storytelling: Theories, Methods and Research Strategies. London, June 17, 2013. Journals: "Elemental, querido Watson" in the Revista Letra Clara. (Clear Letter Magazine). Granada: University of Granada, 2011. Books Chapters: "Arnulfo y Querubín" in Premios de la Universidad de Granada a la Creación Artística y Científica para estudiantes universitarios. (Artistic and Scientific Creation Awards for University Students-: University of Granada) University of Granada, Granada, 2010. "Calderillo Bejarano" and "Sapitos de escarcha y leche" for the book Comida, Arte y Literatura. (Food, Art, and Literature) Salamanca: Salamanca 2005 Plaza Mayor de Europa, 2005. Magazine and Newspaper Articles: More than 50 articles published in Diario Siglo XXI

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