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Katie Hamilton

PhD in American Studies, Faculty of Arts


Research Summary

PhD (full-time) - currently registered

Research Topic

Representations of Pregnancy in 20th Century Southern Literature

Research Summary

My research explores how Southern writers have used representations of pregnancy as a means of interrogating the intersection of historical and literary narratives in the construction of Southern identity in the twentieth century. My thesis proceeds from the contention that pregnancy, as signifier of change and progress, just as it is emblematic of repetition and renewal, is uniquely situated to register the dialectical positioning of a region always on the cusp of modernization, trapped in an epistemology of inexorable repetition.

My project will begin with an in-depth examination of the representation of pregnancy in the writer most consistently identified with the South, William Faulkner, before arguing that pregnancy has become an intertextual theme through which subsequent Southern writers of different genders, ethnicities and cultures have attempted to engage with the constructed consciousness of the region by inhabiting its "official language."

Research Interests

Twentieth Century Southern Literature; Representations of Pregnancy in Literature; the History of the American South; African American Literature; William Faulkner; Representations of time in literature; Literary Theory.

Research Supervisors

Professor Sharon Monteith

Dr Graham Thompson

Primary Funding Source - AHRC


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