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Marisa Marmo

Lecturer, Italian Language, Faculty of Arts



Independent Learning.

I am interested in the promotion of independent language learning and self study. I wrote a report on the University's Self Access Centre and concluded by making constructive proposals for improvement. The report provided the basis for a successful HEFCE bid which secured £110,000 of CAP4 monies (2006-8) to refurbish the Self Access Centre in June 2007.

Language Advising.

I have studied the recent development of 'Advising for Language Learning'. The aim of a language adviser is to support students in their language learning by helping them to set goals, reflect on strategies used, select appropriate resources and develop the ability to evaluate their own progress.

Tandem Language Exchange.

I am the co-ordinator of the Language Centre's Tandem Language Exchange Programme. I pair up a language student with a language learning partner (another student) from another country. The aim is for them to help one another to improve each other's native language

Widening Participation.

In collaboration with the School's Widening Participation Officer, I organise the European Day of Languages. This generally takes the form of inviting Year 9 students from local secondary schools to come to the University campus and take part in foreign language learning activities.

Expertise Summary

Publications Related to TeachingI have worked with the Italian publisher Paravia Bruno Mondadori for a number of years and produced materials which were initially commissioned for the Italian EFL market but resulted so successful that they are now available in many countries throughout the world.

Text books: i) 'Ready To Use' (2001)Intermediate Level Course book for Italian secondary school students of English.Co-authors: Gabriella Meloni / Barbara BettinelliMy contribution: Self study workbook

ii) 'Plain Sailing' (2005)Intermediate Level Course book for Italian secondary school students of English.Co-authors: Barbara Bettinelli / Sarah HowellMy contribution: Part of the Self Study workbook

Easy Readers: Three Short Stories for secondary school students of English.The books are original stories, and include comprehension exercises and cultural information. My contribution was to write all the stories and some of the comprehension exercises.

'A Hacker's Revenge' 2002No co-authors.

'Fashion and Lies' 2003Co-author: Barbara Bettinelli

'Media Wars' 2004Co-author: Barbara Bettinelli

E-learning Materials: 1. Exam preparation materials for KET /PET Cambridge examinations for DIDAEL, Italy (a pioneer of e-learning in Italy). Other contributors: Barbara Bettinelli / Gabriella Meloni

2. National LLAS projectJanuary 2006 (in collaboration with my Italian colleague, Cecilia Goria). We were awarded £2,000 in funding from the Subject Centre for Languages, Linguistics, and Area Studies (LLAS) at Southampton University as a result of a successful national bid for interactive materials development. The title of our project was 'Varieties of the Italian language'. My contribution (50%) involved the production of authentic materials in the areas of the Speech of Young People, Colloquial Italian and the Italian of Advertising. The project is now on the LLAS national website of materials.

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