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Simon Hill

Teaching Associate in American and Canadian Studies, Faculty of Arts



Simon Hill is a historian of Liverpool - a major trans-Atlantic and global port.

He was awarded his BA and MA in History by the University of Liverpool. Thereafter he completed his PhD at Liverpool John Moores University, which explored how Liverpool was affected by the American Revolution and War of Independence c.1763-1783 - the conflict that gave birth to the United States. Drawing upon archival materials from around the UK and US, Simon analysed themes such as policy-making between the metropole in London and provincial towns like Liverpool; the impact of the conflict on Liverpool's overseas trades; as well as the domestic repercussions of the conflict (recruitment into the armed forces; militarisation of the local community; changes to Liverpool's built environment; and public opinion).

Dr. Hill is now editing and updating his doctorate to form the script for his first monograph: Liverpool and the British Empire 1763-1788: Economics, Policy-Making, the Empire at Home and the Swing East (Palgrave). This will contain new materials and perspectives, including Georgian Liverpool's emergent ties to Australasia and East Asia. When published, this book will constitute the first overall survey of how Liverpool was affected by the American Revolution.

Since completing his PhD, Simon has expanded his research on late-eighteenth and early-nineteenth century Liverpool to consider marine ecology and sustainability. To that end, he has published several articles on Liverpool's whaling trade c.1750-1823.

Simon draws upon these experiences to inform his teaching at the University of Nottingham. Through his broad knowledge of US & Canadian history, he co-delivers the overview American history modules AMCS 1001 & 1009 and co-teaches on 'Key Texts' (AMCS 2005). Simon also supervises third-year under-graduate dissertations, contributes to post-graduate American Studies classes, as well as collaborates with other disciplines namely Liberal Arts and Natural Science.

Dr. Hill has also worked with heritage partners on both sides of the Atlantic - including the Museum of Liverpool and the New Bedford Whaling Museum, MA, USA - to facilitate public engagement and knowledge exchange.

Simon welcomes discussions on Liverpool history; the American Revolution & 18th century Britain; marine sustainability & environmental history; and policy-making between local and national government.


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